I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame (and—till June 2015—a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge). 


My main research area is the Philosophy of Physics. I am presently interested in:

  • Foundational issues in quantum theory, especially contextuality and its analysis via topological methods. I am also interested in the path-integral interpretation of quantum theory.
  • The conceptual underpinnings of QFT, including: the interpretation of gauge symmetry, anomalies, and solitons. I am especially interested in the role that representation theory and topology play within an interpretive framework. 
  • The use of category theory as a meta-language for physics.
  • The theme of theoretical equivalence and its embodiment in field-theoretic dualities, especially AdS/CFT and S-duality. 

My broader research interests include the philosophy of science, as well as a range of topics in metaphysics, ethics, and aesthetics (many of which intersect with themes in the philosophy of science). I have two longer-term research projects within this general area:

  • Articulating the details of a neo-Aristotelian metaphysics of science (especially physics) by building on the insights of Nancy Cartwright and Elizabeth Anscombe. 
  • Developing the Philosophy of Finance as a field of study, from the point of view of both technical foundations (thus subjecting standard forecasting tools and pricing techniques to philosophical scrutiny) as well as normative issues (including  understanding the sense in which financial techne is a good human activity, and the action-theoretic constraints that emerge from this).


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Center for Mathematical Sciences

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