Fall 2016

The Philosophy of Symmetry

The Idea of a University

Spring 2016

PHIL 93888: Space, Time, Matter (with Katherine Brading)

Integrated graduate-level introduction to the Philosophy of Spacetime and Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics. 

Fall 2015

University Seminar

Introduction to "Philosophy and Science" for freshmen.

Capacities and Physical Theories

Graduate seminar on contemporary Neo-Aristotelian Philosophy of Science, with a special focus on the work of Nancy Cartwright.

Teaching at Cambridge


Directed Part III (Master's Level)  project on the Philosophy of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking.

Graduate Courses: 

Philosophy of Quantum Field Theory Lecture Course (Michaelmas 2012 and 2013)

  • This graduate seminar covers the history of QFT, the various roles of symmetry (with a special emphasis on BRST), the conceptual significance of the RG flow, and some topological aspects that enter the foundations of the theory.  

Undergraduate Courses: 

Neo-Aristotelian Perspectives on the Philosophy of Science (Lent 2013)

  • One of a series of seminars which aim to help second-year undergraduates engage in high-level philosophical discussion in a group setting. I developed the syllabus and teaching plan from the ground up.

History and Philosophy of Science 1B (2012-13)

  • A year-long introduction to the philosophy of science covering the demarcation problem for science, topics in the philosophy of the physical sciences, the philosophy of biology, confirmation theory, philosophy of the social sciences, and ethics in science. See here for the full syllabus.  

Ethics 1B (Lent 2012)

  • A second year ethics course that covers moral responsibility, intention and foresight, reasons for action, impartiality and universalizability, and life and death issues. See here for the full syllabus.

Ethics and World Politics (Michaelmas 2012, 2013) 

  • This second year introduction to political theory is part of the joint Political Science, Psychology and Sociology major. It covers the realism v. moralism debate, cosmopolitanism, patriotism, human rights, just war, and humanitarian intervention. See here for the full syllabus.

Philosophy Set Texts 1A (Lent 2012)

  • An introductory course designed to teach students how to engage with a text philosophically. The sample texts are Plato's Meno, Hume's Dialogues concerning Natural Religion, and Mill's On Liberty and The Subjection of Women. See here for the full syllabus.

Philosophy of Chemistry and Physics, HPS Part II (Lent 2011) 

Metaphysics Part II (Michaelmas 2009, Michaelmas 2011, Lent 2013) 

  • Advanced undergraduate class covering realism and idealism; particulars, properties and facts; persistence and change; causation; time; and persons. See here for the full syllabus.

Philosophy of Science 1B (Lent 2012) 

  • A second year philosophy of science course covering realism and anti-realism, the paradoxes of confirmation, explanation and laws, the philosophy of probability, and introductory philosophy of physics (space and time, quantum puzzles, and thermodynamics). See here for the full syllabus.

Aesthetics Part II (Michaelmas 2011) 

  • This is an advanced undergraduate class covering topics such as aesthetic experience, the metaphysics of art, the relationship between art and morality, imagination and originality, and various topics in art criticism. Assumes background in the philosophy of mind and language. See here for the full syllabus.

Political Philosophy 1B (Lent 2013) 

  • A second year undergraduate class covering power and its justification, democracy, equality, and liberty. See here for the full syllabus.